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"While not being an expert, I do, like many, have a keen interest in the subject matter of evolution, hence I sat down and read Rethinking Darwinism in one sitting.

I have long been of the view that the Darwinian devotees have never been properly challenged to substantiate what after all is presented by Darwin as a theory.

In addition I have always been intrigued by the prima facia evidence that anything that doesn't fit into Darwin's theory is hidden, buried from public consumption. On the other hand anything, no matter how loosely that does fit, is widely promoted and championed as 'proof' of his theory.

Leif Jensen's book is a great read not least because it gives all those devotees of Darwin a severe challenge, exploding many of the myths they have presented over the years and I look forward to their response to 'Rethinking Darwin' "

Paul Murphy