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Rethinking Darwin
     - A Vedic Study of Darwinism and Intelligent Design
     by Leif Asmark Jensen
     with constributions by Dr. Jonathan Wells, Dr. Michael Behe, Dr. William  A. Dembski, and Dr. Michael Cremo
     250 pages, soft-bound
     ISBN 978-91-7149-568-6
     Published 2011 by the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust

Danish science writer
Leif Asmark Jensen

  For more than a century, Charles Darwin's theory of evolution has been the theoretical framework, the 'paradigm', in mainstream biology and related life-sciences.
   Nevertheless, great advances in biochemistry over the past decades have created an Intelligent Design opposition which maintains that the theory of evolution is beset with anomalies.

In Rethinking Darwin, Danish science writer Leif A. Jensen, in collaboration with leading Intelligent Design proponents such as Dr. Michael Behe, Dr.William Dembski, and  Dr. Jonathan Wells, points out flaws in the Darwinian paradigm and examines the case for intelligent design.

The argument for design is next expanded with further evidence from palaeontology, archeology, cosmology, and studies of consciousness. Finally, based on the irreducible nature of consciousness, the book suggests an alternative paradigm drawn from India's ancient Vedic philosophy of nature.


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